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It seems impossible that I have been a painter for over 40 years.  I would not have changed that for the world.  Is a matter of fact, sometimes when the world seemed to be falling apart with lifes ups and downs, I could always count on my paints and brushes to make me happy.  I remember when my children were little, and I would sell a painting, they would be crushed like I was selling one of their animals.  Eventually I learned to take the painting down after they went to sleep and wrap it up for the mail the next day.


Being an artist has allowed me to view life from a different perspective.  I think artists in general view the world a little differently.  We see color, shapes and negative space more intently.  Every image is an opportunity is a snapshot for a painting.  Every child, dog, tree and scene is a composition for a new creation.  Leaves look greener, the ocean is filled with layers of blues and greens.  It is a wonderful life, but it is not an easy life.  Most artist are not in it for the money, but for the shear love of the art.  For me, I have been very blessed with a pretty consistant career in selling throughout the years.  Hopefully I will have many more to come!